Welcome to CGIAR’s Gender, Diversity and Inclusion Knowledge Hub

The GDI Knowledge Hub is your single entry point to a wide range of GDI resources, including training, toolkits, best practice guidance notes, policies and practices. Here you will find cutting-edge products, developed by CGIAR’s GDI Function, as well as insights and products from external GDI experts, that you can use to advance gender equity, diversity and inclusion in your workplace.

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eLearning and Webinars

GDI guide

GDI Network and ERG Community Hub

Policies, Practices & Templates

GDI Data

Other resources

E-Learning and Webinars

This section provides you with access to GDI eLearning courses, as well as information on other GDI learning opportunities.

GDI eLearning: Unconscious Bias in CGIAR’s Workplaces

eLearning Module Length: 30 minutes Audience: All staff Assessment: No Certificate: Yes Learning Objectives You will learn: What unconscious bias is, where it comes from, and its implications How unconscious bias presents itself...

GDI eLearning: An Introduction to Gender, Diversity and Inclusion in CGIAR’s Workplaces

eLearning Module Length: 45 minutes Audience: All staff Assessment: Yes Certificate: Yes Learning Objectives You will learn: What is Gender, Diversity and Inclusion? Why Gender, Diversity and Inclusion is important to CGIAR's...

“Relentless but stimulating”: Participants relish their GDI training

Five months have now passed since the start of CGIAR’s eight-month training on Gender, Diversity and Inclusion (GDI), and participants say they are relishing...

GDI Guides

This section contains a series of GDI Guides, Toolkits and Factsheets, developed by CGIAR's GDI Function, prividing short, easily accessible content on important GDI topics and toolkits to get you started on your GDI journey.

How to facilitate for inclusion: 14 tips from knowledge sharing experts

Shared with thanks to the Alliance of Bioversity-CIAT As part of its commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, on International Women’s Day (8...

GDI Guide: What is Diversity and Why Does it Matter: A Case for Diversity, July 2020

Dear Colleagues We know that diversity in our workplace is important. It's the right thing to do. It's also the smart thing to do, because...

Advancing Gender Equity, Diversity and Inclusion In CGIAR’s Workplaces: People Leader’s Workbook

This Workbook is a practical and interactive guide to help People Leaders engage with their teams on inclusion and diversity. It includes a set...

GDI Network and ERG Community Hub

This is where you can find infomation on the GDI Network and CGIAR's Employee-led Resource Groups (ERGs). Find out who your GDI Focal Point is and learn how to interact with colleagues from across CGIAR who share similar interests.

ERG launches on Women in Research and Science (WIRES)

Everybody deserves a workplace that enables them to reach their full potential, and while CGIAR is making good progress on gender equality, more can...

Wellness ERG launches with discussions on mental health and mindfulness

How can CGIAR staff keep themselves in the best possible mental and physical health? Why does that matter? And why is this important to...

Policies, Practices & Templates

This section contains examples of the best practice GDI-related policies, practices and templates from across CGIAR and beyond.

How to Check in on Virtual Workforce

Working with a virtual workforce comes with many challenges, but considering emotional health and checking-in on employees is now more important than ever. Dr....

Someone to Lean On: How to be Supportive

When someone you care about is going through a tough time you might feel helpless or under pressure to have all the answers. But...

Dealing with Stress at Work

63% of 360° Wellbeing Survey respondents say that they notice that colleagues are stressed in the workplace.1 If you feel that you are suffering...

GDI Data

This section contains recorded webinars, podcast and interviews with both internal and external leaders on a number of key GDI topics.

CGIAR Workforce Data - A GDI Lens

Gender and diversity dimension of the CGIAR workforce are shown cross-System and by individual Center and Alliance.

GDI Matrix

Results of reporting against the requirements of the CGIAR GDI matrix are shown cross-System and by individual Center and Alliance.

Other Resources

This section contains a wide range of references to academic literature, powerpoint presentations, posters, videos and other resources that you can use in your workplace to advance gender equity, diversity and inclusion.

An Annotated Bibliography as a Tool for Helping Address Racism in Plant Science

Haley Carter writes for Plantae: "When police officers murdered George Floyd earlier this year, they were acting within an established pattern of police brutality against...

The GAD-7 Questionnaire

Working from home can lead to increased stress and anxiety in workers. Assessing and maintaining mental health is vitally impotant, especially during the time...