A head for hiring: The behavioural science of recruitment and selection

We all agree that recruiting and
selecting the right people is
fundamental to any organisation’s
success. How best to do it,
however, remains a challenging
area. That’s no surprise: the
employer and potential new hire
enter the process with limited
information on what to expect and
have few opportunities to learn
from their behaviour. In addition,
the process is inherently high
stakes, so stress levels may be
high. Ultimately, any recruitment
and selection process demands
complex and speedy decision-making from both sides.

Behavioural science has a lot
to say about the way in which
people make decisions in
these types of settings. Our
behaviour does not always fit a
rational actor model but it is still
systematic and predictable. This
report outlines ways in which
harnessing knowledge about
how we actually behave can help
recruiters – including external
agents, recruiting managers and
HR professionals – to improve
outcomes for the organisations
they represent.


Download the full report from CIPD here.

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