Checking the Pulse of Women in Bioscience: What Organizations Need to Know

Over the past four years, Catalyst has collected data; reviewed industry trends; examined labor market analyses; and collaborated with top bioscience corporations, associations, academic institutions, and individuals to gain insights into the career experiences of women working in science sectors.

We found that most organizations are not maximizing their talent pool. Findings in Checking the Pulse of Women in Bioscience: What Organizations Need to Know reveal that: 1) women in bioscience are dedicated and determined to succeed but are unclear about how their companies identify talent, 2) key information isn’t trickling down the leaky pipeline, and 3) most women who intend to leave their current employers in the next 10 years will do comparable work elsewhere. In the report, we provide:

  • A snapshot of emergent industry trends and describe how they impact women and business.
  • Research on the career experiences of women, including quotes and audio clips from global senior leaders in bioscience, healthcare, and academic medicine.
  • Recommendations and examples of real-world practices aimed at retaining and advancing women while simultaneously establishing more inclusive workplaces.


Download the full report here.


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