2010 EOWA Australian Census of Women in Leadership

This the sixth Census-based analysis of the progress of women in corporate leadership of companies listed on the ASX 200 Index of the Australian Stock Exchange. Since the previous Census in 2008, 52 companies have been replaced in the ASX 200 Index. This rolling population still represents the top companies by market capitalisation.

Key Findings:

  • Women chair five boards and hold 8.4% of Board
    Directorships in the ASX 200 companies (123 seats out of
    1467: see Figure 2). This compares with 8.3% (125 seats
    out of 1504) reported in the 2008 Census, 8.7% (129 out
    of 1487) reported in 2006 and 8.2% (119 out of 1456)
    reported in 2004.
  • 46% of ASX 200 companies have at least one woman
    Board Director. This continues a downward trend from 49%
    in 2008, 50% in 2006, 50.3% in 2004. In the United States
    the comparable figure is 87.7%, in South Africa 78.5%, in
    Canada 58.1%, in New Zealand 40% and the UK 75%.
  • The number of seats held by women has barely changed
    over this six year period.
  • Women hold six Chief Executive Officer positions in 2010
    compared with four in 2008, and 8.0% of Executive Key
    Management Personnel positions in the ASX 200 companies
    (104 out of 1300 positions, see Figure 3). This compares
    with 7.0% in 2008 (81 out of 1152). It is not possible to
    compare with previous years as the definitions used for
    company reporting changed.
  • Both the total number of Executive Key Management
    Personnel and the number of women within this group
    have increased since 2008.

Read and download the full report from EOWA here.

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