Five Tips for Successfully Managing Your Remote Team

Remote work is our current workplace reality, but managing remote teams and keeping distributed employees engaged can challenge even the best managers. This unique environment, however, can present myriad opportunities to support your teams and grow as team leaders.

As a leader, it is your responsibility to care for a team not only as colleagues but as human beings. The transition to working remotely can impact a team’s culture, as anxiety around future projects and team collaboration can seem uncertain. Additional factors such as kids at home, the caretaking of parents, and more will now be a part of their typical workday. It is crucial for those in leadership to support teams through online communication.

So, what does remote work mean for those in leadership? How can managers continue to lead and inspire their teams without meeting in person? What practices can we implement to care for our coworkers beyond the office?

Read a compilation of a few best practices and practical tools for successfully managing remote teams here.

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