The Secret to Inclusion in Australian Workplaces: Psychological Safety

What Makes a Leader Inclusive?

Today’s business problems are far too complex for any one leader to solve. That’s why the most effective leaders—rather than relying solely on their own wits—turn to others to find solutions. The best leaders achieve great results by including diverse voices and creating a workplace culture that enables innovation.

Read this report to learn just how inclusive leaders—those who enact the four behaviours of empowerment, accountability, courage, and humility (EACH)—achieve these results. Based on a survey of over 250 Australian professionals, it shows that EACH behaviours create psychological safety, cultivating the right conditions for inclusion and innovation. It also provides practical insights and tips from interviews with extraordinary leaders of highly successful and inclusive teams about the practice of EACH behaviours in Australian workplaces.

Download the full article from Catalyst here.


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