Women and the Future of Work

In just a few years, we’ve seen technological advances, social movements, demographic shifts, and geopolitical disruptions cause dizzying changes to how organizations do business. And the forces revolutionizing work are only getting stronger, as artificial intelligence and other innovations are integrated into every aspect of society. At the same time, how workers experience the world of work—and what they want from it—is increasingly affected by their dynamic, intersectional identities. How companies confront these opportunities and challenges will determine their success as we stride further into the 21st century.
To get there, forward-thinking organizations must reimagine their current diversity and inclusion efforts into a system that keeps the humanity of the workforce at its core, but also broadens the perspective to include all aspects of work. It’s time to look through the lens of gender diversity, equity, and inclusion to evaluate how we achieve together a future of work that maximizes opportunities for all genders.
Download the report from Catalyst here.

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