Report: Corporate Landscape in Mexico: Understanding Approaches to Talent Management and Women’s Inclusion

With 45% of women in Mexico currently working outside the home and 28% of women pursuing advanced degrees, women comprise a significant proportion of the available talent pool. Many are seeking opportunities for career development and advancement across a range of industries and organizations. In this report, we delve into workforce representation in Mexico, including interviews with leading business experts offering context and firsthand understanding of the critical factors affecting company talent management and women’s inclusion strategies in Mexico.

Some of the findings include:

  • Traditional gender roles and a shortage of programs or policies to support women’s entrance and advancement in the workforce continue to pose challenges and stifle progress.
  • 70% of interviewees stated that work-life balance is a key challenge for women professionals in Mexico.
  • 74% of interviewees also mentioned family values as a key challenge in women’s careers.
  • 59% of companies had a structured strategy to advance and develop talented women.

To remain competitive in this new global business landscape, talent management—in particular a focus on diversity and inclusion—is critical. Organizations looking to maintain their financial growth and competitive advantage in Mexico must recognize the business case for gender diversity, and in so doing, harness the full power of all talent.

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