Report: Beyond Generational Differences: Bridging Gender and Generational Diversity at Work

As a result of demographic shifts, new technologies, and an increased focus on team-based approaches, generational diversity has become increasingly salient in many organizations. Companies are now managing a broader range of employees’ work and career needs, as well as growing expectations for highly inclusive workplaces and “customizable” career paths. The ways in which generational diversity plays out in the workplace, however, go well beyond chronological age. Since age and generation intersect with other dimensions of diversity, including gender, ethnicity, and nationality, companies that seek to address the needs of a generationally diverse workforce need to take an integrated approach. Beyond Generational Differences: Bridging Gender and Generational Diversity at Work provides the tools to develop such an approach, incorporating gender and generational strategies. Specifically, through insights gathered from Catalyst work and expertise, the report contributes to the dialogue on multi-generational initiatives by:

  • Highlighting what leading-edge companies are doing to leverage generational diversity.
  • Informing organizations about how to incorporate gender and generational diversity as vital components of their existing initiatives.
  • Providing tools and practices for readers earlier on in their journey as they start conceptualizing new initiatives.
  • The synergies among these different trends and approaches can foster more comprehensive and inclusive policies, practices, and programs, allowing companies to create more effective and inclusive work environments.

This report may be particularly beneficial to senior leaders, human resources departments, and D&I professionals seeking to address generational diversity across different groups and to those aiming to attract, develop, and retain the talent of all ages.

View the resource on Catalyst here.

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