Report: Culture Matters: Unpacking Change and Achieving Inclusion

Change is happening all around us. The world is evolving in ways that compel organizations to constantly reevaluate how business is done and how to ensure their diverse employee and consumer base are connected to the business. Significant shifts in the demographic composition of the labor force, the blinding speed of innovation and technological advances, as well as human rights and corporate social responsibility initiatives present challenges and opportunities for organizations to develop robust diversity and change agendas. Leaders at all levels need to develop well-informed and targeted strategies to successfully navigate and increase inclusion.

This study examines variations in both effective and less effective programs and policies across multiple years as well as organizational, regional, and local cultural contexts. It presents a Corporate Practice Change Model with three interacting and revolving dimensions to help companies “unpack” the change process and navigate the dilemmas faced by leaders. It also:

  • Shines the spotlight on the importance of localized strategies to drive inclusion.
  • Imparts strategies to leverage change by assessing readiness to accelerate progress.
  • Presents a case study.
  • Offers tips on assessing, monitoring, and refining the inclusion change process.

View the resource from Catalyst here.

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