Managing Your Remote Team Inclusively: Knowledge Burst

This resource from Catalyst will help managers quickly get up to speed on leading remote teams inclusively. In a time of accelerating change, technology has completely restructured where, when, and how work gets done. As with co-located teams, it’s possible to develop an innovative, collaborative, and inclusive remote team environment, but managers need the right tools and the right skills. This Knowledge Burst includes a downloadable tool, Communication Charter Template for Remote Teams, to help managers and their reports establish communication norms that increase the remote team’s performance.

In this 10-minute Knowledge Burst you will learn:

  • How the inclusive leadership behaviors of ownership and accountability can be applied to build an inclusive remote team.
  • Tips for how to create a virtual water cooler where spontaneous collaboration and conversation can occur.
  • The importance of intentional communication to avoid miscommunication.

Start now!

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