GDI eLearning: An Introduction to Gender, Diversity and Inclusion in CGIAR’s Workplaces

eLearning Module

Length: 45 minutes
Audience: All staff
Assessment: Yes
Certificate: Yes

Learning Objectives

You will learn:

  1. What is Gender, Diversity and Inclusion?
  2. Why Gender, Diversity and Inclusion is important to CGIAR’s workplaces.
  3. What we are doing at CGIAR to build an inclusive and diverse workplace.
  4. Practical tips on how you can contribute to making CGIAR an inclusive place to work.


To access the eLearning module, click here.


Upon completing the module, you will receive:

  • A .pdf download of a certificate demonstrating your completion of the module
  • A personalized action plan which you can either print or save to a PDF, summarizing the key learning points as well as your input as you progress through the module.

Supplementary Content

As well as the eLearning module, you can find a handbook for managers, supervisors and team leaders here. This handbook will help you to start having discussions about Gender, Diversity and Inclusion in your workplaces and with your teams, and builds upon the key themes covered in the eLearning module.

Image by Tim Mossholder | Unsplash

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