New eLearning program now available for GDI focal points

GDI Focal points and team leaders can now access the first of six new eLearning modules designed to strengthen Gender Diversity and Inclusion (GDI) across CGIAR. 

Titled CGIAR Gender Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Training Program for Focal Points and Team Leaders, the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)-certified course can now be accessed by CGIAR staff on the GDI  Knowledge Hub

The training is based on previously held live sessions designed to equip staff to lead and support CGIAR’s GDI efforts in the workplace. It has been converted into an eLearning module to serve a wider pool of staff. 

“We are delighted that more CGIAR staff will now have  access to GDI training,” says Helen Duce, CGIAR’s Interim Senior GDI Advisor.

“We believe that anyone with a deep interest in Gender Diversity and Inclusion should have access to a reliable, certified course.”

The course builds skills across a range of topics and targets People & Culture Managers, GDI Focal Points, Employee Resource Group (ERG) members and anyone who wants to help build a more inclusive workplace.

CGIAR’s GDI Function will issue a certificate upon completion of all six modules that counts towards SHRM Recertification.  

Module 1 – Championing GDI in Our Workplaces

The first module, Championing GDI in our Workplaces, takes 60 minutes to complete. It will help you build confidence talking about GDI, the current state of GDI in the world’s workplaces, and how to bring others along on the journey. 

CGIAR staff can access Module 1 here.

More modules will be available over the next few months. Major areas of focus include Mitigating Unconscious Bias, Using GDI Workforce Data, Inclusive Recruitment, the Gender Pay Gap, and Performance Management.

For more information about GDI in the Workplace Training Program, please contact Helen Duce at

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