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Forum Against Inequality And Racism (FAIR): An Employee-Led Resource Group

With close to 9,900 employees located around the world, CGIAR is a truly international organization. With so many different cultures interacting and working towards a food-secure future for all, ensuring that everybody has a safe and inclusive work environment is a priority. Because we are CGIAR’s greatest asset, an asset that must be allowed to grow we’ve created the Forum Against Inequality and Racism (FAIR). FAIR is an Employee-led Resource Group (ERG), which offers a safe and inclusive cross-system space to raise awareness about the systemic and structural challenges of inequality and racism.

What is FAIR?

FAIR is a voluntary Employee-led Resource Group that provides an opportunity for everyone to learn how to confront bias, develop an inclusive mindset, and engage meaningfully in allyship and anti-racism. FAIR will work to create a space to explore and engage in dialogue about the multitude of forms of discrimination and marginalization that can exist in workplaces, including CGIAR. Our objective is to promote a culture of social justice and increase understanding of the dynamics, beliefs and thoughts that impact the lives of CGIAR employees from a variety of different racial, cultural, gender and socio-economic backgrounds. With origins in recent global social justice movements, most notably #BlackLivesMatter, and CGIAR’s Action Plan for Gender, Diversity and Inclusion (2020-2021), we are supported by the Gender, Diversity and Inclusion (GDI) function.

What does FAIR do?

FAIR supports continuous learning and shares best practices that seek to enhance the recruitment, advancement, and retention of under-represented racial groups across all levels of CGIAR.


We accomplish this by facilitating conversations, networking and educational events as well as other experiences that help promote social justice and raise awareness against all forms of racial prejudice, bias, inequity and other intersecting forms of discrimination. In parallel to this work, FAIR also offers guidance and educational opportunities and tools on how to become an ally so all employees can work together to eliminate inequality and racism in the workplace.

FAIR would like to hear from you

We want your help in shaping FAIR, please let us know through this survey what you hope will be covered or talked about in this ERG. We’re aiming to provide a range of resources, learnings, events and other offerings covering a wide variety of topics that would be of interest to the CGIAR community.
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