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Gender, Diversity and Inclusion Knowledge Hub

The GDI Knowledge Hub is your single entry point to a wide range of GDI resources, including training, toolkits, best practice guidance notes, policies and practices. Here you will find cutting-edge products, developed by CGIAR’s GDI Function, as well as insights and products from external recognized GDI experts, that you can use to advance gender equity, diversity and inclusion in your workplace.

You can use the Knowledge Hub’s search functionality to find best practices, lessons learned and GDI-related data from across CGIAR. CGIAR’s Employee-led Resource Groups (ERGs) will use this space to engage with their members and announce events. CGIAR’s GDI Network share their contact details here. The Knowledge Hub is also a good place to get GDI news and related updates from Centers and Alliances, and beyond.

Launched in August 2020, this GDI Knowledge Hub supports the implementation of CGIAR’s Framework and Action Plan and works to attain our shared vision for gender, diversity and inclusion:

CGIAR’s workplaces are enabling and inclusive. Diversity in all its dimensions is embraced and every person is supported to reach their full potential, so as to drive the engagement and innovation needed for a world free of poverty, hunger and environmental degradation.
You can reach CGIAR’s System Senior Advisor for Gender, Diversity and Inclusion on f.farrell@cgiar.org


This section highlights the latest GDI resources. Remember that you can also use the Search functionality to find what you need.

La mentoría importa: únase a WIRES en el Día Internacional de...

Este año, nos gustaría celebrar las contribuciones de las mujeres en CGIAR hacia lograr un mañana sostenible, poniendo el enfoque en cómo podemos continuar abordando la desigualdad de género. La mentoría...

GDI Learning

This section provides you with access to GDI E-Learning courses, as well as information on other GDI learning opportunities.

GDI Guides, Toolkits and Factsheets

This section contains a series of GDI Guides, Toolkits and Factsheets, developed by CGIAR’s GDI Function, providing short, easily accessible content on important GDI topics and toolkits to get you started on your GDI journey.

GDI Expert Series

This section contains recorded webinars, podcasts and interviews with both internal and external leaders on a number of key GDI topics.

GDI Network and ERG Community Hub

This is where you can find information on the GDI Network and CGIAR’s Employee-led Resource Groups (ERGs). Find out who your GDI Focal Point is and learn how to interact with colleagues from across CGIAR who share similar interests.

Policies, Practices & Templates

This section contains examples of best practice GDI-related policies, practices and templates from across CGIAR and beyond.

Literature and other Resources

This section contains a wide range of references to academic literature, powerpoint presentations, posters, videos and other resources that you can use in your workplace to advance gender equity, diversity and inclusion.