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13 Books About Anti-Asian Racism To Understand It Better

Whether you’re finding it very hard to wrap around your head around how anti-Asian racism became embedded in American culture, or want to know how best to fight racism in ways that benefit Asian communities, these texts can help. Here are 13 books that will help you understand anti-Asian racism, and what to do about it.

A reading list to understand anti-Asian racism in America

To help place the recent rise in anti-Asian hate crimes in context, Vox reached out to experts in Asian American studies and asked for their help in compiling a reading list focused on the long and unjust arc of anti-Asian racism in America. Here’s the result. These eight books will help you understand the history of anti-Asian racism in the US, how it’s operated in the past, and the effects it’s having now.

An Anti-Racist Reading List: 20 Highly Rated Nonfiction Books by Black Authors

GoodReads list

Harvard Kennedy School - Anti-racism reading list

In the wake of violence against Black Americans and in a moment of national reckoning, the HKS Library has pulled together a reading list that is inspired and largely informed by Resources and Reading on Racial Justice, Racial Equity, and Anti-Racism published by the Institutional Anti-Racism and Accountability Project (IARA) at the Shorenstein Center and in partnership with the HKS Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging. This reading list is a starting place to find resources that speak to racial justice, racial equity, and anti-racism. If you have suggestions or feedback, please send us an email: library_research@hks.harvard.edu. Please also note, books are linked to eBook versions as Harvard Kennedy School campus is closed at this time. In addition to access through Harvard Library, we believe these titles should be a part of other academic and public libraries. If these titles are not a part of your local libraries, most libraries solicit and support community requests. If you have questions about how to request a title for inclusion in your local library collection, please feel free to reach out to our staff (library_research@hks.harvard.edu) and we are happy to provide guidance.

Pan-African Anti-Racism and Solidarity Reading List: A Resource from The JRB

In continuing solidarity with the progressive literary community and all who fight racism and anti-Black violence, The JRB presents this Pan-African Anti-Racism and Solidarity reading list: a spreadsheet comprising some three hundred titles by African and diasporan writers that we hope will prove useful as a resource to those seeking works by Black authors. The list speaks to one of our foundational tenets: centring Black voices in world literary conversations.

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