27 Female ‘FamTech’ Founders Come Together To Care For Families During The COVID-19 Crisis

Last year, a collaborative of female founders all changing the ways we support families was founded. Almost the entire group is mothers or caregivers, and most started their businesses, non-profits, and projects because of the lack of support in their own experiences.

In her truly collaborative nature, the founder of this collective, Amy Henderson, CEO of TendLab reached out to Mary Beth Ferrante, at WRK/360 and Lori Mihalich-Levin, at Mindful Return, to pull together this practical and tangible list of ‘Best Practices‘ and an ‘Action Plan Template’ caregivers and their employers can implement to foster honest and productive working arrangements during this unprecedented time.

But she didn’t stop there. Henderson reached out to all of the founders across the self-dubbed FamTech collective to find out what all of their businesses together were doing to support families during the COVID-19 crisis. Read how the collaborative is responding to the crisis here.

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