Inclusion Is Key to Keeping Canadian High Potentials

The ethnic and cultural diversity of Canada’s people is a source of pride, but leveraging this diversity to improve economic performance poses a significant challenge.

To stop Canada’s talent drain, businesses must close gender gaps and create cultures where women and men have equal opportunities to contribute and succeed. But how? One important strategy for organizations and leaders is focusing on inclusion.

“It’s important to have the right corporate culture to ensure everyone can achieve their full potential and can fully contribute to the success of the organization.”Zabeen Hirji, Chief Human Resources Officer, RBC

In this study we found that feeling included:

  • Predicted employees’ turnover intentions.
  • Made them less likely to report intentions of leaving their company.
  • Made them more likely to report higher satisfaction with their overall work and advancement, as well as their supervisors.
  • Made them more likely to report seeing their company as a great place to work.

Inclusive leaders create the constructive and non-competitive cultures that high-potential Canadian employees need.

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